Mo Sang Kor traditional herbal broth cuisine is started in year 1972. Before started this traditional herbal broth business, the founder and his wife were selling pao like char siew pao, steamed chicken sticky rice in lotus leaf wrap (In Chinese called lo mai gai) and others. Due to long working hours, they do not have time to cook for a proper meals and always buy herbal broth foods as lunch or dinner. One day, the wife asked "Is it easy to cook herbal broth cuisine?" The founder thought for a while and answered "YES". Since then they decided to sell traditional herbal broth cuisine instead of pao. The founder did the research and start to study on how to cook traditional herbal broth cuisine. After all the research and efforts, finally the founder has created his own unique recipe which contains 25 herbs and spices. This authentic recipe is famous for its rich broth, meat is juicy, tender and springy.

With the unique taste and comfortable environment, Mo Sang Kor’s traditional herbal broth cuisine has become the top choice for many local and foreign expatriates. Many local and foreign media have also reported about this place in the writing, through travelogue, food reviews and even travel guides.